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2006/07/22 - Don't mean to be a gossip site, but apparently Junji Ito just last month married another artist in a similar genre. Anyway, congratulations and all.
2006/06/30 - Sorry again for spotty updates. Especially sorry to Dark Horse comics for not being on top of the fantastic story from May -- is it almost July already??? -- about them publishing Junji Ito's back catalogue in English.
2006/04/07 - Sorry for the spotty updates recently. I'm thinking that when I get some time (when? when??? when????), I'll be redoing the site so that I can delegate some work to trusted users - there are a lot of great people who visit, and I hope they'll be willing to pitch in to make it even better. Right now I'm vacillating between using a blog engine like wordpress - with appropriate plugins - for the site or writing something from scratch in Ruby On Rails. The RoR approach is really the most attractive to me, but it will also take the most work. In any case, I need some volunteers (preferably by familiar faces) who can help me decide what features the new site should include. Should comic strips be reviewd on a per-strip basis (as opposed to per-compilation)? Should the posting of deep links to reviews to be faciliated? Should the site have some kind of XML-RPC API so that people can post their own reviews on their own blogs and have them easily cross-posted here? Anyway, there's lots to think about and little time to realize it, but I feel that is up for an overhaul and any suggestions are welcome. Feedback at the forum is welcome.
2006/03/10 - There's a new comic out in ???called???('The Licking Girl'). Haven't checked it out yet, but comments on the mixi junji ito community sound promising... Sorry the Japanese text is all mangled. jEdit doesn't seem to like saving unicode via FTP from Windows. Will fix it up later.
2006/03/06 - Ok, so no big Junji Ito news of late, but on a slightly related note, it seems that a review I did a while back for the venerable KFC Cinema is being used on the cover of a new US release of Tsukamoto's Gemini (thanks for the heads-up Russ). Still looking to arrange that Junji Ito interview...
2005/03/26 - That link doesn't work very well, does it? Looks like someone hasn't finished their index page (borrowed from the cabin fever website, by the looks of it...). For a working link for the new Tomie movies, go to
2005/03/20 - Was woken by the big earthquake today, thrown from side to side as I tried to open the jammed fusuma to get in to my genkan. Anyway, that's besides the point. The new Tomie movies have a website and that website is
2004/11/17 - It seems that virtually all the Japanese Junji Ito fan pages have folded. Jigoku-yu is gone, as is are the Marronnier pages and the fan club/BBS. If anyone out there turns up new sites, please inform me.
2004/08/18 - Been a while since I've written this: Junji Ito has a new comic series out in Spirits! (on sale August 16th) It's called "Hellstar Remina" (n??~i?j and is notably in Spirits' monthly edition, "Leisure". It looks to be full-on sci-fi horror, and episode number two is set for October.
2004/05/20 - Looks like Uzumaki is finally seeing a proper North American release. I guess the initial press release for this was back in March (if only I were a more reliable contributor to kfccinema, I would have known that!), but in any case Tetsuki Ijichi of Tidepoint Pictures sent me the following link announcing the release date of the DVD (pre-order: July 11th, 2004, on sale: July 6th, 2004). The disc has some nice extras, such as an interview with the film-maker (subtitled).
2004/04/16 - Sorry about the site being down for two weeks. The previous hosting accounted expired just as I was leaving for a conference, and I didn't have access to any of the data I had backed up from the old host until I returned. There are still some bugs with the scripts, but I expect most functionality has been restored. The new host offers some nice features, but bandwidth is a bit more limited than it used to be -- so I might have to lock out people who try to hot-link to images here. We'll see.
2004/03/14 - Marronnier is going to be playing the 47th San Francisco International Film Festival in April. I wonder if Junji Ito will be in attendance?
2004/03/06 - Not much has happened recently in Japan, but Gyo 2 was released by Viz in the US (thanks to fernando in the guestbook for the heads-up) and Adness Entertainment/Ventura Distribution continue to release the Tomie movies. On the subject of Tomie, a visitor to Jigoku-yu posted a link to an online version of the Tomie manga video offered by Anime BB. You have to register to view the wideband Real Player videos, but registration is apparently free. Sadly the registration screen reads CO??Ẑq܂͂o^܂ (customers living aborad may not register). I don't know whether registration from overseas is actually impossible or not. The 16 second preview is still available here, without registration, for interested parties.
2003/12/08 - Okumanbochi is out. It's 39 pages long with the first four pages in colour. The most interesting bit of news comes from the ad after the comic, which writes, 'nEbh??H?E??[ق̊o?Iɓ??̖{' (Is even Hollywood paying attention? Fantastical stories that take you to the end of the world! Junji Ito's Books). Sorry for the wack 'translation', but what interests me is naturally the bit about Hollywood. I'm not so sure I'd want to see that, but on the other hand I can't imagine a Hollywood movie being much worse than what's been done domestically.

Okumanbochi is just a single short story. Big Comic Spirits writes that he is working on a full series.
2003/12/02 - An ad for Junji Ito's new strip ڂ (okuman-botchi) can be seen here. (I'm not sure what okumanbochi means. Normally botchi is used in 'hitori-botchi' to mean '(living) on one's own'. Perhaps this story will be translated as "The Lonely Billionaire" or "The Life of the Billionaire". Not sure yet. EDIT (2003/12/08) -- Meaning is more like 'Just the billion of us', though I think I'd probably go with 'Together'.
2003/11/29 - A user on jigoku-yu's forum reports that the next issue of Big Comic Spirits (December 8th) will feature a new Junji Ito comic. Big Comic Spirits magazine previously published Uzumaki and Gyo.
2003/11/14 - The latest issue (December 2003) of Da Vinci has an interview/discussion between the makers of the new Sony game Siren and Junji Ito. Apparently the game is inspired by Ito's "Village of the Siren" among others.
2003/11/04 - Ok, there hasn't been any news for a while, so this is going to have to do: it seems a lot of people try to see all the images displayed on the front page. If you want to save some time, go here.
2003/10/02 - The release of the Tomie movies, starting January 27th, 2004, has been confirmed. Good news for English-speaking Ito fans. Out with the skeptic.
2003/10/01 - I must be the last site to post this, but report that the entire Tomie series will be released in the US, starting January 27th with Tomie. The text from is as follows:
The successful Japanese horror series, TOMIE is coming to DVD in 2004 from Adness Entertainment through Ventura Distribution. Based on the manga by Junji Ito, the first film, The [sic] disc will street on January 27th followed by all four sequels, one a month through May - TOMIE: REPLAY, TOMIE: REBIRTH, TOMIE: ANOTHER FACE and TOMIE: FORBIDDEN FRUIT. The films will be anamorphic widescreen and will feature bonus material.
Since Tomie: Another Face was a made-for-TV movie and is not widescreen, a google for Adness Entertainment turns up no official site and there is no mention on Ventura Distribution's website, I'm a bit skeptical. On the other hand, Ventura Distribution is officially partnered with VIZ LLC, distributors of Junji Ito's comics in North America. Let's hope the rumours are true; fingers crossed, hatchets ready.
2003/09/28 - 'Voices in the Dark' went on sale September 26th in Tokyo.
2003/09/19 - The release of 'Voices in the Dark' has been pushed back to late September. There is some speculation at Jigokuyu that this delay might (hopefully) be due to Ito preparing a new serial, but only time will tell.
2003/09/17 - Oops, scratch that -- 'Voices in the Dark' is supposed to be out now, but the bookstores I've visted in Fukuoka can't find any evidence of its imminent release here. So I wait.
2003/07/19 - Jigoku-yu is reporting that 'Voices in the Dark', the serial that had been appearing in Nemuki, will be released as a compilation in August.
2003/07/14 - Subtitles for Tomie: Rebirth are up in the movie section. They were made using Sub Station Alpha and also exist as a script for DVDSubber. They are quite preliminary , but they may not be revised in the near future. I already noticed some inaccurate translations and spelling mistakes, but I'm sick of editing them for now, so they stand as they are. They should help anybody understand and enjoy the movie (which, incidentally, was better than I remembered it).
2003/07/11 - So, the subtitles I made for Nagai Yume turned up on a bootleg, after all. My comments about that can be found here.
2003/07/08 - A brief preview/teaser for Gyo is up in the articles section. Direct link available here. The usual disclaimers with regards to using copyright material apply.
2003/06/19 - Comic book stores are now announcing the imminent availability of Gyo. For a large picture of the cover, visit Westfield Comics (direct link to picture here). Meanwhile, The 4th Rail has selected Gyo as their indie pick of the month. I don't know about that, but it is good to see more English-language releases of Junji Ito's comics. Now if they'd only get moving with the rest of the horror collection...
2003/06/15 - The Da Vinci interview is now availabe here, in the articles section.
2003/06/13 - As reported at Jigoku-yu, the latest issue of Da Vinci has an interview with Junji Ito on pages 184 and 185. It mostly concerns Mimi's Strange Stories (hardly surprising since Da Vinci and Mimi's have the same publisher), but gives some interesting insight into his work in general.

The final episode of Voices in the Dark is also being published in the summer issue of Nemuki, on sale today.
2003/06/09 - Found bug in comic review script. Apologies to bionicman for his Uzumaki review getting cut off at 500 characters.
2003/06/03 - As reported on, English-reading Junji Ito fans can now look forward to a new Junji Ito comic appearing in translation. This time it's Gyo (details: Gyo 1, Gyo 2) and it's due for a September release. Hopefully Viz will keep the two extra short stories in the second book intact, because while Gyo is pretty good, I think that the Ancient Husk Faultline is one of his best ever.
2003/05/25 - Generously donated space on a new server, I've migrated the website and changed the format slightly. Frames are no longer used (too bad, I like frames), but the site now uses php and as a result can implement the following features I've long wanted to have here:
  • a functional guestbook, separate from
  • embedded user reviews in the movie section
  • pop-up review/comment pages for each comic listed

  • Given more time, I'd like to make the site more dynamic in the future, but I think today's overhaul of the site is all I'll have time for for now. So, in the meantime, please take advantage of the new features and review some movies and comics.
    2003/05/02 - Update to the comics section includes information on the latest compilation, "Mimi's Strange Stories".
    2003/02/25 - I got an email from a reader who was hoping I could provide a resource here for translations of comics that are currently only available in Japanese (ie, The Horror World of Junji Ito vol.4-16 and Gyo, I guess). It would be nice to be able to provide translations here and I've considered it before, but I certainly don't have time to do it on my own. Translating even just one volume requires a considerable amount of time, time that I can't justify spending.

    However, I will translate some stories, and if other readers fluent in Japanese and English want to translate some others and submit the results to me, I'd be happy to post the results for everyone to use.
    2003/02/24 - Jigoku-yu reports that the first volume of 'Mimi's Horror Stories' will be released by MF (Media Factory) Comics on March 22, 2003.
    2002/12/17 - I'm off to Canada for Christmas and three weeks of vacation. Meanwhile, in the spirit of the Christmas season, apparently Uzumaki will be playing in Singapore. Lovely...
    2002/11/09 - The site has undergone a major update over the past two weeks and is now separated from the structure of There is now a summary page for each movie, including an overview, cast and staff list, screen captures and brief review, which may be accessed by clicking on the movie poster or movie name. Another addition is the 'etc' section which includes information on soundtracks and anime adapted from Junji Ito's comics (and will cover anything else that comes up).
    2002/10/13 - I finally bought the Tomie: Another Face DVD at a Best Denki sale (50% off). Review is in the movie section.
    2002/10/02 - Marronnier is finished but not shipping yet; a trailer can be found at the Marronnier web site. Tomie: Forbidden Fruit is renting starting 2002/10/11 and the DVD will sell from 2002/11/22. When the DVD is released I will write a more complete review for KFC Cinema.
    2002/08/15 - The new issue of Nemuki arrived in Fukuoka, and the second episode of 'Voices in the Dark' is listed on the comics page.
    2002/08/14 - Tomie: The Final Chapter played at Fukuoka's KBC Cinemas from 2002/8/3 to 2002/8/9. A review is on the movies page.
    2002/06/29 - The English subtitles for Nagai Yume have been updated. The timing is improved and some translation and spelling errors have been fixed. (next subtitling project will be for Lovesick Dead.)
    2002/06/18 - Amateur English subs for the Nagai Yume DVD available in the movies section. They require DVDSubber and the timing is a bit weird, but they give a rough outline as to the plot and dialog.
    2002/06/18 - Voice in the Dark, a new serial running in Nemuki, came out on 2002/06/13. The serial is around 30 pages long and is about a weight-obsessed girl and her relationship with some vampire bats.
    2002/06/01 - The second volume of Gyo is out, and more information on the volume is available on the comics page.
    2002/05/23 - Uzumaki has a new, official, website for its English release. (news from aicn anime update). The website has translations of interviews with Junji Ito, and is now probably the best (or second best ;) English language internet reference for Junji Ito.
    2002/05/19 - Jigokuyu reports a final Tomie film to be opening in cinemas this June 29th. The film is entitled Tomie: The Final Chapter - Forbidden Fruit, is directed by Shun Nakahara and stars Nozomi Ando in the title role. Ando's previous experience includes the lead role in Sakuya Yokaiden.
    2002/05/18 - A (very fancy) amateur dramatization of the short story Marronnier has been made by the Junji Ito Fan Club and will be announced in the 2002/6/13 Nemukin and go on sale 2002/8/1. It looks like Junji Ito also makes a cameo in this production, and it features Misao Inagaki, the artist who handled the manga version of Ring, amonst other projects, and who knows which other 'celebrity' artists.

    Incidentally, people interested in joining the Junji Ito fan club can apparently send an envelope including their address, name and telephone number and 120 yen of Japanese postage to:

    Atorie-Scarabee, Junji Ito FC Kakari
    Niihori Business Plaza #6
    Saitama-ken, Niiza-shi, Niihori 1-9-1

    Because this address is printed in Japanese on the Japanese FC page, it can be reasonably concluded that only residents of Japan are expected to apply for membership; I would imagine that foreigners applying for membership should therefore include sufficient Japanese postage for the membership kit to be sent to them (I would estimate around 500 yen to be on the safe side). Whether international memberships will be accepted or not is anyone's guess.
    NOTE -- I sent an email and a regular letter to the Junji Ito FC address and have not received a response in the intervening two weeks. Whether they are too busy to respond or not inclined to respond, any interest parties might be best off just waiting. Presumably work on their movie is taking most of their time.
    2002/05/17 - Lots of news from Jigokuyu this week.
    - First, Junji Ito has a new series starting in the monthly Comic Flapper, starting with the June issue, on sale from May 2nd. The series is called 'mimi no kaidan' and the first episode is in colour, but is only four pages long. A scan of the first page is available on the Comic Flapper website.
    - Next, the entire Junji Ito 12-volume horror collection will be re-released in pocketbook form, beginning this month with Tomie 1 and 2. (not novelizations as previously reported by me!)
    - Finally, Junji Ito will have a new series starting in the July issue (on sale 2002/6/13) of Nemuki.
    2002/05/12 - Big Comics is due to release the second volume of Gyo this May 30th.
    2002/04/20 - Gyo has come to an end in the weeklies, and the second collected volume should be published soon.
    2002/02/28 - Big Comics Spirits releases the first volume of collected Gyo stories. Available online from here, but not available in stores until March 2nd.
    2001/12/07 - Tomie: Rebirth and Kakashi DVDs go on sale.
    2001/11/12 - New comic series appearing in 'Big Comics Spirits Weekly' called M?`߂sC?` (Gyo - The Eerie Wriggle).