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How can I find the movies in China
- Tina (2006.01.25.22:29, )

I hav a question..when the latest comic release? december 2005? january 2006? thanks..
- alex chew (2006.01.19.11:25, )

oh ya..i am me at
wait ya..muakss...
- alex chew (2006.01.19.10:55, )

I hav all junji's comics but tomie 3..and the latest one too..
I hope I can buy all of it..but the movies is kinda hard to find..
anyone can help me? god? you? email me pls..wait 4 you..
- alex chew of (2006.01.19.10:53, )

tomie is so cool I want to collect all your tomie comics my friend conner has the crappy comics one version! Syonara Biatches!
- Tomoko Kizuki - japan of  , (2005.12.14.08:07, )

I had completed my collection of all Junji ito's Comic. although it takes times coz I couldn't find every single of his comic in singapore Kinokuniya. but I found it in Kuala Lumpur's kinokniya bookstore and jakarta ( only have a few such, voice in the dark, gyo, Mimi ghost story)
Now Im looking for Hell star remina ^0^
Btw just to inform , ito works UZUMAKI had been publish in Indonesia By SHITERU PUBLISHED , but a pirate one they translate it from the english version, ( I assumed it myself as pirate one)coz got the same cover but the quality aren't that good, and original comic are not like that. of course I dislike if Ito books had been pirated.
- bel _chan (2005.12.06.19:55, )

I think all junji ito s stuff is awesome >.
- nikki of  na (2005.11.21.09:26, )

Er, Hi! I absolutely LOVE your site and the english Junji Ito manga in general, as well as the few movies that are available in America. I kinda wanted you to know that Dark Horse is going to bring another english Junji Ito manga to America!! Apparently, it's called Museum of Terror.
- David Gonzalez (2005.11.15.14:46, )

Hey! The subtitles link in the Long dream section doesn't work. Where can I get the subtitles?
- saede (2005.11.06.09:33, )

Hey i just bought Tomie 1 & 2 they were soo awesome!!!! all I need to get now is gyo!!! But Im wondering where can u get tomie vol. 3 ?????
- conner (2005.11.04.17:17, )