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Where can I buy X?

In general, what I know is listed in the links. If you find something useful that is not in the links, either email me or post it with the appropriate comic or movie.

Will Uzumaki ever be realeased here in America?

Good question! Viz announced back in December of 2002 that it was going to be released, but I've heard no new since. Rest assured, if I hear anything about a region 1 release of Uzumaki it will be on the News page the same day.

The list of comics is incomplete. Why are you missing some Japanese editions?

On the one hand I'd like to have them all listed, but on the other hand there's just so much redundancy; many of the comics were first published in weekly or monthly magazines before being released in several (or all) subsequent collections. The first set of collections came out around 1990 from Halloween Shoujo Comic-kan and the second reprint (in slightly smaller format) was the Junji Ito Horror Collection, which is fully featured on this site. Most recently, the Junji Ito Horror Collection was basically reissued as the the Museum of Fear collection (Kyoufu no Hakubutsukan). As if that wasn't bad enough, the Tomie series has already appeared in almost as many incarnation as there have been Tomies, most recently released in 'The Complete Tomie' (which is actually missing Tomie 3) and then again in the Museum of Fear. With all the collections there are minor differences in each reissuing, and there are some stories in the most recent collection which are not available elsewhere but, given the overlap, I just haven't been bothered to update yet. Ideally, with a proper database system, reviews would be per-story and stories could be grouped appropriately according to the collection and volume in question, but does it really matter that much?

I want to see all the little pictures that appear on the front 'info' page. Where can I see them?

Ok, so no one asked this, but people are reloading the info page twenty times in a row, so I figure that's why. Here they are.

I have a question about the info page pics... what manga are the pictures from? I recognize most but the others.... Also, can I put my own picture there??

The sources of most of the pictures used in the info page can be identified (or at least narrowed down) by their file names. In Mozilla or Explorer you can right-click and select properties to easily find out the file name. If you want to submit a scan for inclusion then by all means go ahead. As you can see, they're all 160x160 (except the really old snailstare one from Uzumaki) and I've tried to up the contrast and sharpness to make them pretty stark.

Why is your FAQ so short?

I don't often get asked questions.