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Manga Videos (Anime)
Cover Name, Company Contents Comment
Tomie (2000)
Art Port
Nemkuji Shoujo
Tomie 2
Tomie: Akita Byouin
Tomie: Chikashitsu
Fashion Model
Kubitsuri Kikyuu
The box for the Tomie manga video quotes Junji Ito as saying, 'Even scarier than the original comics!' It's certainly more disgusting than the original comics; the combination of lo-fi video with the filmed manga, some appropriately nasty sound effects and minimal music makes it a bit difficult to watch while eating. For those who have read the comic, however, it really doesn't offer anything new -- it's absolutely faithful to the comic in plot, uses only stills from the comic with minor motion added for mouths, arms, hands and snail-tongues with the only real addition being the introduction to each chapter and some dubious backgrounds placed behind the comic frames. It can be found second-hand (I picked my copy up for 750 yen at Book-Off), but the money might be better spent on the comics. A preview, including a short quicktime movie, can be found here. Or you can register for free at Anime BB and view it streaming here. The website says that overseas viewers cannot register, but I don't know if this is true.
Lovesick Dead
(Shibito no Koiwazurai)
Art Port It's two thirds the length of the Tomie manga video and it costs almost twice as much new (4800 yen vs. 3000 yen). Haven't seen it and probably never will... unless it shows up really cheap somewhere.
Cover Name Label/Company Comment
World Famous - Xaviera
Trick or Treat This is the closest thing you'll find to a soundtrack for Tomie. It doesn't have the cute song that plays over the ending credits, but it has the song from the opening and much of the incidental music that's used throughout. Still, a bit disappointing since it sells for the Japanese price of 3000 yen and although some of the original material is good, there is just as much that is uninspired.
Soundtrack - The Hanging Balloons
Taito The soundtrack for The Hanging Balloons, Long Dream, Face Burglar.
Soundtrack - Oshikiri
Taito The soundtrack for Oshikiri, The Long Hair in the Attic, and Demonology.
Soundtrack - Uzumaki
Avex Trax. Soundtrack for Uzumaki. Again, it's a bit expensive since you have to buy it from Japan, but if you like the quirky music from the movie and the ending theme song by Do as Infinity, then perhaps it's worth it.