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܂ - Uzumaki

Things start out well enough for Kirie and Shuichi
Things start out well enough for Kirie and Shuichi
'My hobby is surprising people'-boy
'My hobby is surprising people'-boy
Uzumaki Otaku
Uzumaki Otaku
Students become giant snails
Students become giant snails

Story (teaser)
Kirie's boyfriend's father becomes obsessed with spirals. Everyone becomes obsessed with spirals. People start becoming spirals. Kirie is witness to it all and her boyfriend Shuichi is desperate to help her escape from the town and the uzumaki curse, but who's to say that he's unaffected?

Released: 2000
What's with this? Are there no reviews for this movie?
there are a few reviews here:

but i thought to eventually put all reviews on the forum and query the forum's database from the movie page.. at a later time. i dunno, that was my plan, but these things take time and meanwhile it seems that the database can slow to a crawl sometimes, whereas the flat text files currently being used are quick (if limited).
Uzumaki is my favorite of Ito's movies, it was amazingly done. i find it amusing to suggest to my friends watching a horror movie about Spirals, generally they laugh at the premise, but the few i can get to sit through the subtitles (i barely notice i'm reading anymore) agree that its quite an interesting movie. i have read all off the manga and beleive that they did a good job translating it to film, of course they couldn't keept every little story in it, but what they left out didn't take away from the story. Fans of the manga should watch this, but keep an open mind about the differences, and keep an eye open for the multiple spirals slid into the background of scenes.

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Official website
Elite Entertainment's North American release

Producers: Kurosawa Man
Yokohama Toyoyuki
Miyazaki Dai
Director: Higuchinsky
Screenplay: Nitta Takao
Cinematographer:Kobayashi Gen
Music:Suzuki Keiichi
Kashibuchi Tetsurou
Cast: Hatsune Eriko ... Goshima Kirie
Fhifan ... Saitou Shuuichi
Oosugi Ren ... Saitou Toshio, Shuuichi's father
Horiuchi Masami ... Tamura Ichirou (reporter)
Saeki Hinako ... Sekino Kyouko
Suwa Tarou ... Goshima Yasuo, Kirie's father

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