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富江:アナザフェイス - Tomie: Another Face

Tomie's body is discovered
Tomie's body is discovered
Tomie's photoshoot
Tomie's photoshoot
The 'shocking' end
The 'shocking' end

Story (teaser)
Tomie is found murdered and disposed of in the garbage. Her friends at school are
shocked -- who would do such a thing? Naturally, one of the girls in the school
thinks she'll take the opportunity to get closer to Tomie's bereived boyfriend.
Then Tomie shows up alive at school the next day acting as if nothing had happened. What's going on? (from

Released 1999
Watched this again the other day. Nagai Runa didn't look as bad as I'd originally thought when I watched the DVD for the first time. You could even say she looks hot in the second episode... although she still looks somewhat manly on the cover.

Kaneko Nobuaki became worse, for some reason. It was like staring at a piece of wood. "Show some emotion, damn you!", said I. Oh well.
ah, Christ, forgot to log in again. That was me up there.
Any news of a US release? Was this a television series or what?
Wasn't this released last year in the states by.. gah.. whoever it was that released all the other Tomie movies? Adness? I think it was released as a movie, but yes, it was originally a TV movie.
Yes, it was.

You should be able to find it at a store that sells any of the other Tomie movies.

Yah, it's how I was able to get my grubby hands on the movie in the first place.

..although if I were you, I'd probably just stick with Replay and or Rebirth. Much better Tomie movies, especially Replay.
I thought it was weak.

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Producers: Uemura Yasuyuki
Shimizu Shun
Itou Naokatsu
Director: Inomata Toshirou
Screenplay: Oikawa Shoutarou
Cinematographer:Kayano Naoki
Music:Hayashida Hideaki
Cast: Nagai Runa ... Tomie
Shirai Akira ... Oota
Tanaka Chie ... Miki
Kaneko Nobuaki ... Takashi
Okuno Atsushi ... Mori
Yoshida Tomonori ... Yasuda

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