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x]:Rebirth - Tomie: Rebirth

It's awkward when Tomie comes home for tea.
It's awkward when Tomie comes home for tea.
Didn't I kill you just last night?
Didn't I kill you just last night?
Dead again
Dead again
Unhappy endings
Unhappy endings

Story (teaser)
Hideo, a young, talented painter, is obsessed with his girlfriend Tomie, but Tomie demeans his painting abilities and in a moment of rage he kills her. His friends Shuichi and Takumi help him dispose of the body, but later, at a restaurant party, Tomie shows up and sits down next to Hideo as if nothing had happened. The men at the party are all hopelessly attracted to her, the women all leave, and Hideo, despairing that Tomie cannot be his and his alone, kills himself in the toilet. One by one, Hideo's friends succumb to Tomie's allure...

Released: 2001
:D Oh boy, this is it! I absolutely loved this movie. The story and everything about this movie was amazingly fantastic. I like how evil Tomie is slowly becoming over the course of all of these movies. The woman who played Tomie in this movie did it perfectly, it rivals Kanno's performance as being the best I've seen. This is an intellegent, well made film that I absolutely adore. Words cannot express how awesome this movie was, I haven't seen Forbidden Fruit yet, but out of the three I have seen; Tomie, Tomie: Replay, Tomie: Rebirth, this is the best!! The ending of the movie was incredible and unforgetable!!
I liked this movie but my best friend woudn't watch it with out me being there.
i'm purchasing this later today ^_^ so i'll jot down my thoughts after i watch it
(took long enough for the video store to get another copy)

so i finally got a chance to watch it ^_^ wow, i was very impressed by this one! it has to be my favorite out of the 5 i own :3
Tomie is such a brat she cant even get along with herself!
i loved that i recognized aspects from the comic more in this one ^_^
amazing job.. definatly worth buying
Like what I said Tomie Re-birth boast! Miki Sakai's potrayal as Tomie was SO incredible!!! Her eyes was so captivating, she makes me in love with her! Mai Hosho's performance was... oh yuck! :x
--gogo yubari

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Producers: Tsuchikawa Tsutomu
Ishii Tooru
Takeuchi Ken
Director: Shimizu Takashi
Screenplay: Fujioka Yoshinobu
Cinematographer: Shiga Youichi
Music: Gary Ashiya
Cast: Sakai Miki ... Kawakami Tomie
Tsumabuki Satoshi ... Aoyama Takumi
Endou Kumiko ... Kitamura Hitomi
Kikawada Masaya ... Hosoda Shun'ichi
Oshinari Shuugo ... Kimata Hideo
Murano Mia ... Aoyama Rie
Hachisu Yuri ... Sano Yumiko
Nakajima Yutaka ... Hosoda Tomoko

(-- Lovesick Dead (shibito no koiwazurai) Tomie: The Final Chapter --)