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}jG - Marronnier

Junji dolls.
Junji dolls.
Crazy marionettes.
Crazy marionettes.
Mad toothbrushing.
Mad toothbrushing.
Junji Ito himself.
Junji Ito himself.

Story (teaser)
A number of doll collectors start to go missing, and a marionette maker, Iwata, is implicated. As the collectors go to investigate, bodies start turning up mutilated and dolls coming to life...

Released: 2002
Old reviews from the site:

This is a bizarre amateur (=self financed DV) production made by some Junji Ito fans in collaboration with some horror manga authors -- Junji Ito included. It's very low-budget, but that doesn't prevent it from being very gruesome and unsettling. The low-budget feel to the whole affair, coupled with its rather effective gore sfx and lighting, make the whole thing feel a bit like a snuff film (or what I would imagine a snuff film would be like). Although the script isn't too powerful in the psychological-horror department in the same way that parts of Uzumaki are, there's something really disturbingabout it's determination to do just whatever it pleases to all of the characters. I kind of wish it weren't about dolls, though -- one of my least favourite subjects for horror.
- mutagene (25.05.2003 18:44 (revised 2004)

I just saw this movie at the San Francisco film festival and I thought it was great! The puppetry is awesome and it had a very fun campy horror feel. Definatly recommended!
- Ariel (2004.04.26.10:34, United States)
Me finding this movie was a lucky find, i had read about it many times and was very interested in seeing it, so when i saw the name while browsing the forigen dvd section i snatched it up immediatly.
The only problem i had was with the subtitles on the dvd which would appear after the person finished speaking and the next one had started which made it a little difficult to follow.
i want to find the Uzumaki Ito marionette from the film, i'd bid on ebay for hours it was just so cute. besides the subtitles making it a little difficult to follow along the movie was very good. it would go from odd, to laughable to damn near frightning then back to odd. a fantastic mixture! the ending was great because it leaves you to wonder and make your own judgements about what may have, or not have happend.
as i am already unnerved by marionettes and Manicans this creeped me out at a number of parts, i recomend it to anyone with a sense of humour :3

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Official website

Producers: Koganemushi Theatre Troup / Scarabee
Director: Eiko Kobayashi
Junji Ito
Screenplay: Eiko Kobayashi
Cinematographer:Eiko Kobayashi
Music:Tamako Yoshinaga
Hizu Taguchi
Eiko Kobayashi
Cast: Mayu Ayatsuri ... Marino Kitawaki
Misao Inagaki ... Mitsuba Hidaka
Soichiro Numai ... Hiroto Nakayama

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