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݂C - The Hanging Balloons (kubitsuri no kikyuu)

The Long Hair in the Attic
The Long Hair in the Attic
The Hanging Balloons
The Hanging Balloons

Story (teaser)
A girl commits suicide by jumping off the school roof, a walkman beside her body still playing a tape. Her friend listens to the tape and soon finds himself standing on the same roof.

Despite being a devoted girlfriend, a young woman finds out that her boyfriend has merely been taking advantage of her generosity and has already replaced her. Suddenly she's found dead and headless and her ex-boyfriend is haunted.

A student in the school is found hanged. Shortly thereafter, her friends see giant balloons with faces floating around town. The balloons have nooses attached to them and seem to seek out their owners to hang.

Released: 2000
[quote:b8c14dc6f7="mutagene"]Released: 2000[/quote:b8c14dc6f7]

So where can i find the origional? :wink:B):wink:

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Official website 1
Official website 2
Minipara website (source of photos, follow for high quality pictures)

Producers: Yokohama Toyoyuki
Miyake Chouji
Miyazaki Dai
Directors: Shimizu Takashi (Demonology)
Miyake Ryuta (The Long Hair in the Attick)
Oda Issei (The Hanging Balloons)
Screenplays: Saitou Masakatsu (Demonology))
Miyake Ryuta(The Long Hair in the Attic)
Masaki Hiro (The Hanging Balloons)
Oda Issei (The Hanging Balloons)
Cinematographers:Tanabe Tsukasa
Sakou Akira
Kobayashi Gen
Cast: Demonology
Ishikawa Shinichiro ... Okamori Hideo
Tachibana Misato ... Morimoto Kazumi

The Long Hair in the Attic
Mabuchi Erika ... Amano Chiemi
Fujimura Chika ... Tashiro Youko

The Hanging Balloons
Tachibana Misato ... Morinaka Kazuko
Aoi Wakana ... Chiharu

(-- The Face Burglar (kao dorobou) Long Dream (nagai yume)--)