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ĎRq - Kakashi

The lost brother and his girlfriend.
The lost brother and his girlfriend.
More scarecrows.
More scarecrows.
An apparition?
An apparition?

Story (teaser)
Kaoru's brother has disappeared and a single letter is her only clue. The letter appears to be addressed to him from a girlfriend and was sent from a small town called Kozukata, so Kaoru travels there to find him. Instead she finds a town obsessed with a strange festival whereby they hope to reincarnate their dead loved ones using scarecrows.

Released: 2001
Ok, let me just say it now since no one else will. This movie was BORING. The Manga was ok. But the movie was BORING. The manga was a bit scary. But the movie was BORING. It was a while since I saw it but that just means I have had plenty of time to reflect on the movie and how entirely BORING it was.

Final analysis: BORING
Isn't that pretty much what I said in my review?

[quote:29857bf1b0]Kakashi is pretty to look at and has some decent actors, but the [b:29857bf1b0]plot itself is painfully slow[/b:29857bf1b0], doesn't really make much sense, and fails to capitalize on what little promise the premise might have had. It does look much more expensive and professional than most of the other movies, though.[/quote:29857bf1b0]

I prolly shoulda actually said it was boring in capital letters, though.

Little known trivia about Kakashi: Patrick and I watched it together (under M's watchful eyes). Bet nobody else (other than M) knew that.
I still think the movie had its creepy moments, like the Isumi scenes and the dead little girl's transformation. But yah, it was horribly slow, and the ending was dumb.
The only real problem I had with Kakashi was at the end when she went running back to her brother. She made that girl leave her father and then just ditched her at the last munute. Other than that, I thought it was pretty good.

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Producers: Yo Ju-Sei
Aihara Hideo
Kitahara Kikuo
Kawashima Haruo
Director: Tsuruta Norio
Screenplay: Murakami Osamu
Tamaki Satoru
Tsuruta Norio
Miyake Ryuuta
Cinematographer:Kikuchi Wataru
Music:Ogata Shinichirou
Cast:Nonami Maho ... Yoshikawa Kaoru
Shibasaki Kou ... Miyamori Izumi
Grace Ip ... Sally Chen
Matsuoka Shunsuke ... Yoshikawa Tsuyoshi
Kawarasaki Kenzou ... Miyamori Kouzou
Lily ... Miyamori Yukie

(-- Oshikiri Lovesick Dead (shibito no koiwazurai)--)