D_ - The Face Burglar

  • D_ (The Face Burglar)
  • ĎRq (Scarecrow)
  • (Falling)
  • Ԃn (The Red Line)
  • c (Our Honourable Ancestors)
  • ݂C (The Hanging Balloons)
  • Description:Judging by the quality of the drawing, The Face Burglar must be one of Junji's earliest comics. Notable chapters in this book are Falling and The Hanging Baloons. Kakashi/Scarecrow was turned into a movie, but imo the comic version becomes a bit too camp partway through when the scarecrows actually start to move.

    Reader Reviews
    I have no idea why "The Face Burglar" got top billing in the book, since it's a pretty medicore story. I mean, sure, the promise is good, but Ito never really do anything with it. I liked "Scarecrow", and found the last few pages to be damn creepy. "Falling" is nice, and provides some cool "that had to hurt" moments. "The Red Line" is an odd little entity, but very chilling. It's ironic to see the protagonist claim that he isn't suicidal, yet he practically let the line take him over. "Our Honourable Ancestors" is my favorite in the book. The art looks a lot like Uzumaki's; in fact, the lead female even looks like Kirie. Nice eerie twist at the end of the chapter. "The Hanging Balloons" is another good story that gave me a lasting impression. All in all, I like this book, but I think it should be renamed to either "The Red Line", "Our Honourable Ancestors", or "The Hanging Balloons". :P
    - Steve-O (2004.03.04.00:56, United States)

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