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x]:re-play - Tomie: re-play

"Anata ha boku no mono da".
The calm
The calm
The bakemono
The bakemono
The other bakemono
The other bakemono

Story (teaser)
A young girl is hospitalised with a swollen stomach. An
examination with the ultrasound reveleas that there's something moving
inside her, and what looks like a face can be seen on the monitor. When
a surgeon cuts her stomach open (and cuts his finger in the process),
the surprised hospital staff find themselves face to face with the
disembodied head of a beautiful girl: Tomie. The rest of her body
regrown, Tomie naturally leads a man to obsession and murder. Meanwhile
the surgeon disappears, infected by Tomie's blood, leaving his daughter
Yumi to find out what Tomie is and what has happened to her father.

Released: 2000
Now this Tomie is truely excellent in my opinion!

Much better than the first, and much more well paced. It has got a great storyline with really good camera work and use of colors. The scenes at the beginning when Tomie's head is birthed by a small child are really chilling and graphic!

The acttress who played Tomie in this film was much more beatiful I think than the original Tomie. She also was portrayed as less of a victim in this film than in the first, and there are some truely chilling scenes in the film, such as when the director is repeating "monster" over and over again.

The film is alot more scarier than the first, which seemed to me more creepy/mysterious, where this film is definatly a horror movie.

I give this one a A :wink:
agreed, this movie was a lot more eerie than the original, I liked the original. But sadly, I wasn't scared by the movie. I agree that the scenes with the director of the hospital was the freakiest parts of the movie.
I think this one was good movie i think this movie had the best tomie
but thats my opinion
Tomie: Replay truly disappointed me than the first Tomie, why? First, because Mai Hosho's potrayal here was kinda [i:1978fce1f7]numb[/i:1978fce1f7]. Second, NO ONE DIES HERE in this Tomie movie! Why? There should be!
--gogo yubari

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Producers: Tsuchikawa Tsutomu
Matsushita Junichi
Yokohama Toyoyuki
Director: Mitsuishi Fujirou
Screenplay: Tamaki Satoru
Cinematographer:Yamamoto Hideo
Music:Endou Kouji
Cast: Yamaguchi Sayaka ... Morita Yumi
Houshou Mai ... Kawakami Tomie
Kuboduka Yousuke ... Satou Fumihito
Matsuo Masatoshi ... Takeshi
Sugata Shun ... Morita Kenzou
Kim Kumija ... Morita Youko
Endou Ken'ichi ... Tachibana, a doctor

(-- Tomie: Another Face Uzumaki--)