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x] - Tomie

He found her at the game center
He found her at the game center
Tsukiko and her boyfriend have dinner
Tsukiko and her boyfriend have dinner
The detective questions Tomie's nurse
The detective questions Tomie's nurse
Tsukiko vs. Tomie
Tsukiko vs. Tomie

Story (teaser)
A university student finds the disembodied head of a beautiful girl, Tomie. He nurses Tomie back to health and corporeality. Meanwhile a detective is investigating the disappearance of a local school girl and has been questioning Tsukiko, a transfer student who has repressed memories significant to the case.

Released 1998
I think that Tomie is an excellent movie, although the pace is a bit slow at times, it has some really creepy moments. The actress who played Tomie is as beatiful as she is said to be, and I think that worked good.

Having never read the manga I don't know how accurate the movie is to the original source material. But as a stand alone movie I thought it was excellent. The only part that threw me for a loop was the ending when they were standing on the dock and suddenly their laughing and carring on and then all of a sudden..pulls out a flame of some sort and they both go up in flames...a bit odd there.

But most of the movie is well worth watching, and the scenes with Tomie are definatlly the best, she had a creepy, yet sexy smile :wink:

Anyways I'd give this one a B+
Like I said in the review page on the site, this movie was confusing as hell. :shock: Would you mind explaining the odd ending to me, please?

I did like Miho Kanno as Tomie, though -- I thought she did good, but then again I've only seen 2 Tomie movies so far, so Another Face, Replay, or Rebirth might've had better Tomie's. Still, for what it's worth, she and Mami Nakamura were the most interesting things in the film.
I love the movie. I too haven't read the manga series as of yet, but I really have become a fan of the movie. It's an intellegent story with excellent actors and actresses. The moment I finished watching the film, I became an instant fan. I'm going to go buy each movie! I can't wait to see the rest of the series, I heard it only gets better with each movie. The trailers look awesome, so I know I won't be disappointed.
from what I've seen in Tomie: Replay and Tomie: Rebirth, at the end of the movie when she says "You are me" she is really saying that she is inside her friend. At the end of the movie, she checks and sees that she has a mole under her eye just like Tomie. Later in Tomie: Rebirth she tells the same thing to another girl, Tomie says "You are me". And Tomie was able to control that girl. If any of her fluids go in a person, they will grow a mole under their eye just like Tomie and Tomie will be able to control them and possess them.

When Tomie kissed her at the end of the first Tomie movie that was the fluid being passed. On Tomie: Replay, she controls a 6 year old girl because they used Tomie's kidney when the girl needed one. And on Rebirth, a woman used Tomie's lipstick and she became possessed. A little bit confusing to say, but it's easier to understand when you're watching it. I was confused at the end of the original movie when she said "You are me", but luckily she does it enough on Replay and Rebirth to get a better understanding of what that ment.
i was looking for a new type of horror movie because i was getting sick of american horror.So i started looking at japenese horror starting with ringu but i wanted somthing tottaly diffrent so i was looking at fangora magazine
and saw the add for the first tomie movie so i rented it and watch it alone in my basment at the middle of the night.

I liked this one even but i was half asleep when i watched it. This one i liked better then the last tomie film. I like the second tomie film a little bit more than the 3.
Well, that gave me a better understanding of the ending. Thanks, Tomie_Fan. Although I'm still somewhat conf00zed at why Tsukiko and Tomie started laughing at the end, like they were pals. Well.. not really confused at WHY it happened, but how the movie placed it. It'd make much more sense if the chicks hadn't started cracking up right after their showdown, but maybe days after it.
I was wondering what the songs name in the begining of this movie i realy like it.
I'm so confused! Not on the movie, because for me I'm really disappointed! Tomie was not a "slow" movie because it almost not moving at all! It's so boring :x , it almost make me asleep. Sorry for what I've said but what I like was only here was the [i:78243a5771]cinematography[/i:78243a5771], it's a bit creepy. I don't feel any fear for Tomie, really! What things did the first Tomie movie for you to like it?
--gogo yubari

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Producers: Tsuchikawa Tsutomu
Matsushita Junichi
Hirata Juhiko
Director: Oikawa Ataru
Screenplay: Oikawa Ataru
Cinematographer:Suzuki Kazuhiro(II)
Music:Futami Hiroshi
Kimura Toshihiro
Cast: Kanno Miho ... Kawakami Tomie
Nakamura Mami ... Izumisawa Tsukiko
Douguchi Yoriko ... Hosono Tatsuko, a phychoanalyst
Taguchi Tomorowo ... Harada Shouji, a detective
Kusano Kouta ... Saiga Yuuichi
Rumi ... Yoshinari Kaori

(-- The Fearsome Melody (senritsu no senritsu) Tomie--)