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- Long Dream (nagai yume)

Discussing the patient
Discussing the patient
Long dreams manifest physical mutations
Long dreams manifest physical mutations
Filming the patient
Filming the patient
Bloody murder
Bloody murder

Story (teaser)
A young man, Mukoda, checks himself in to the hospital complaining that his dreams are getting longer and longer; at first his dreams would cover the space of a day, then a week, a month and so on. At first his doctor doesn't take his claims seriously, but when the patient begins to manifest signs of physical mutation and forget the previous day's events, he takes a special interest in the case.

Released: 2000
Ok, now this movie was pretty well done for such a low budget. In fact, I daresay this was better than the manga in as much as the fact that you don't see his dreams allows the viewer's imagination to make it more frightening. Although I did like how the kid said in the manga that he had a hell dream of studying for college entrance exams for years... haha. If there were ever a remake (higher budget) it would be nice to have that little scene added. Anyway, a creepy movie if you avoid trying to think about it too much. Just let the atmosphere carry you away.
Yeah, the exam hell dream would be pretty fun. Not sure that segment would really be frightening - more likely over-the-top camp - but it certainly has potential.
This movie was great. I loved the opening sequence... the tone of Hatsune Eriko's voice over the music saying, "I will meet you in the eternal dream," really drew me in. The dream-like imagery throughout the movie is almost intoxicating. I also thought the cast was very well chosen. Higuchinsky knows just how to capture the mood of Junji's comics while leaving room for his own style. A nicely done piece of entertainment indeed.

Also, I would like to say thanks to mutagene for the subtitles. They were a huge help.


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Producers: Tsuchikawa Tsutomu
Ishii Tooru
Takeuchi Ken
Director: Shimizu Takashi
Screenplay: Fujioka Yoshinobu
Cinematographer: Shiga Youichi
Music: Gary Ashiya
Cast: Sakai Miki ... Kawakami Tomie
Tsumabuki Satoshi ... Aoyama Takumi
Endou Kumiko ... Kitamura Hitomi
Kikawada Masaya ... Hosoda Shun'ichi
Oshinari Shuugo ... Kimata Hideo
Murano Mia ... Aoyama Rie
Hachisu Yuri ... Sano Yumiko
Nakajima Yutaka ... Hosoda Tomoko

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